Center of Effort, LLC
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Media, PA 19063
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Business Development & Planning

Business Center of Efforts, LCC takes a systems thinking and social networking approach to strategic and tactical planning; our services are designed to help you use purposeful network development for charting a specific business direction in an ever changing environment.

We can provide you with targeted services in the following areas:

  • Strategic Alliances and Partnership Development
  • Customer and Market Development
  • Market Planning and Analysis
  • Stakeholder Development
Other services include:
  • Marketplace Management - designed to equip you to understand, be aware of and respond to changes in your marketplace
  • Trend Analysis - focused on future trends, science and technology advances with the implication for your business
  • Scenario Planning - to determine potential what-ifs for specific market trends and/or customer changes
Center of Effort, LLC helps small and medium-size businesses bridge the technology gap; specific services designed to help transition technology from the Federal Labs System and/or Universities, into new or existing products include:
  • Technology Assessments and Roadmaps
  • Product Development and Evaluation Services
  • Outsourced Engineering, Design and R&D Functions
  • Project Management Services to help individual Companies access:
    • Federal Laboratory and University based sources of technology and funding
    • Industry Based Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
The service are focused on assisting Companies mitigate risk and increase their opportunities for local, state and federal services, grants and funding that will support business growth.